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Advanced Training in Databases and Scripting

ASE - Quito


9:00am - 4:00pm


3 days


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2019 October 21-23
2019 November 25-27
2019 December 16-18
2020 January 20-22
2020 February 17-19
2020 March 16-18
2020 April 20-22
2020 May 18-20
2020 June 22-24
2020 July 20-22
2020 August 24-26
2020 September 21-23
2020 October 19-21
2020 November 23-25
2020 December 14-16


$1200 USD per person

$900 for each additional assistant

Automation Solutions Ecuador will give a 3-day training on Ignition (Inductive Automation). This training is NOT for beginners. Attendees must have prior experience using Ignition or must have taken the basic 5-day training (Core Training). The class covers advanced uses of Ignition from components to scripting and SQL.

You will learn to elevate your projects by using Ignition to its full potential.

The training takes 3 days with classes from 9 AM to 4 PM for a week. It is taught in a classroom where each assistant has a computer.

The methodology includes short explanations and mostly demonstration. The course format encourages students to ask questions relevant to specific projects they may have planned or will do.

The course also encourages attendees to build on existing project structures.

Here are a few of the topics covered:

  • Important Ignition Settings SQL
  • SQL Tutorial in Ignition Database
  • Manipulation Advanced use of UDTs
  • Advanced Scripting for Templates and Components File I / O
  • Management of CSVs
  • Pop-up menus
  • Dynamic PDF Reports
  • Redundancy and Advanced Architectures
  • Troubleshooting

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