Galapagos Plant


Skretting (a Nutreco Company)

Scope of the project

Important figures

IOs number: 4.000
HMI Tags number: 70.000
HMI Clients number: 18
HMI display number: 120
Device number: 733

Implemented funcionalities

Alarms and Events
Integration with MES y ERP

Profit / Results

  • The system allows the fully automatic operation of shrimp feed production, with the minimum intervention of the operator only required for handling abnormal situations, from the entry of raw material, generating the dosages according to the formula provided by the MES system until its packing and exit of the system with a continuous production of 20 ton / hr.
  • Management of raw material inventories with consumption report automatically sent to the MES and ERP systems.
  • Provides a high-performance interface for monitoring, motor and actuator control, alarm visualization, batch monitoring in production, production order management, etc., which follows the guidelines provided by the Skretting client.

Project designer

Stephanie Morales - Project Engineer

Project Description

Galapagos Plant

The Galapagos shrimp feed production plant located in Durán-Ecuador is one of the most strategically important and largest Skretting, Nutreco plants worldwide with an annual production of 470,000 tons of balanced at the end of the project. Automation Solutions Ecuador performs the electrical installation, construction of MCCs, connection, commissioning, automation, commissioning and on-site support of the entire Galapagos plant. Its automation is carried out following the ISA-88 (Batch Process Control) standards for the PCS, High Performance HMI for the SCADA design and the ISA-95 (Enterprise-Control System Integration) for the SCADA and MES integration.

The plant has the following process areas:

  • 4 stations receiving bulk raw material to deposit the product in 4 Silos, 1 Flat Warehouse, 4 Macro Bins – Dosing and 28 Midi Bins – Dosing
  • 2 mills for Pre – milling of bulk material
  • Macro Dosing and First Mixing
  • 2 groups of Grinding and Spraying composed of 2 Mills and 3 Sprayers
  • Micro Dosing and Second Mixing
  • 2 Extrusion lines consisting of 4 Extruders
  • 2 Drying and Cooling lines
  • 2 Packaging lines and finished product